About Arigi

Arigi is a tool for managing Syncthing instances in bulk. As a layer above the Syncthing API, Arigi provides centralized overview and configuration management of multiple devices. Arigi lets you eliminate repetitive manual work, reduce the time to deployment, and increase consistency and efficiency.

Arigi is available as free for use with up to five devices; managing larger clusters requires a commercial license.



The binary distribution packages include the Arigi command line tool (“arigi”) and the server component (“arigisrv”).

The CLI distribution packages include the Arigi command line tool only.

All packages are for the 64 bit Intel/AMD architecture (“amd64”).


  • The Getting Started Guide describes how to install and run Arigi, and how to use Arigi for common tasks.
  • The REST API Guide documents the API that is available for third party integrations.

Getting Started

The quickest possible way is to download and extract the distribution, then run:

$ ./arigi/bin/arigisrv --home ~/arigi-home --listen-insecure --use-ram-db

This gives you a running Arigi that listens on HTTP port 2525, using a built in database engine. Visit http://localhost:2525/ (or your server address instead of localhost) and login as admin (password arigi). For more options, see the full documentation.

On Linux you can also use our Docker image for the same effect without downloading anything beforehand:

# docker run -p 2525:2525 kastelo/arigi

See the Docker documentation for options to run in the background, restart on boot, etc. (we like --name=arigi --restart=always -d).


Is it free? How much does it cost?

Arigi is free for use with five Syncthing devices. Using with more than five devices (on a single installation) requires a commercial license.

Does it run on Windows?

The server component currently runs on Unix based operating systems. The user interface is browser based and can be accessed from any operating system with a modern browser.

We're based in Malmö, Sweden — probably the best place to be in the Nordics.

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