Introducing Arigi

Jakob Borg

We’re unveiling something cool today! It’s a management system for large Syncthing clusters, we’ve been working on it under cover for a while, and we’re calling it Arigi.

  arigi verb (Esperanto)
    to amass · to gather · to put together

What’s it for? It’s for when you have a lot of Syncthing instances and you want to treat them more as cattle than as pets. That is, you want to know how the herd is doing at a glance and give it instructions as a group instead of individually. You want to add, remove and reconfigure Syncthing devices and have them fit into the cluster automatically. To this end Arigi gives you a dashboard with status summary of the entire installation, or parts of it if you drill down:

The main Arigi dashboard, showing device status summary.

There is a powerful tagging and templating system that lets you define device configurations as collections of reusable fragments, each fragment altering an aspect like global options or adding folders and device groups.

The Arigi template editor.

There’s also a comprehensive, well designed, and well documented REST API so Arigi can be integrated into your existing monitoring and provisioning systems.

Reasonably Asked Questions

Sounds cool, how do I get it?

Send us an email to sign up for the private beta. Let us know whether you would like to try the cloud hosted edition or run it on your own premises - both are available. We’ll set you up with everything you need (binaries, documentation, accounts, and licenses) within 24 hours and help you along. Arigi is currently in beta which means we do not charge for it but will instead solicit feedback on features, usage, bugs, documentation and so forth.

Who is the target audience?

Organizations with five or more Syncthing instances who need better, centralized control and reporting. Perhaps you have thousands of minimal instances deployed in convenience stores all over the country. Perhaps you have a few tens of large servers synchronizing your data centers. (Those are both real cases we’re working on with customers, by the way.) Quite possibly something else entirely - tell us about it.

Are you releasing Arigi as open source?

No. This is a commercial product, fully commercially supported and licensed. It works with the regular open source Syncthing though. There will be a free edition for testing and enthusiasts who want to tinker, limited to a smaller number of managed devices and without support.

Are you planning to commercialize Syncthing itself?

No. Syncthing itself is not affected by this at all, neither technically nor bureaucratically. There are no plans in that direction either. We do offer commercial support for Syncthing though and will be happy to work with you on a bundling of Arigi and Syncthing support. | +46 (0)10-551 70 80
Malmö, Sweden

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