Building Elegance

Building Elegance

We believe in building solutions that people love to use.

There are too many systems, solutions and processes that hinder instead of enabling, or inspire dread instead of sparking joy... Our mission is to solve complex problems in an elegant way, creating solutions that are a delight to the user.

Bespoke Development

We do software architecture, development and auditing with a laser focus on security and clarity. Specialities include networking and distributed systems. We love complex integrations with high demands on availability and security.

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Process Implementation

Introduction to and implementation of modern development practices. Are you unsure about how to best integrate continuous integration, continuous delivery and modern code review workflows, lean, Agile or Kanban in your organization? We've done this, successfully and repeatably. We can do both the technical implementation and the coaching to make sure everyone is immersed in the new system.

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Enterprise Syncthing

First class support and maintenance on your Syncthing deployment. We offer choices of coverage and SLA levels to be cost effective at any size. If you're at an early stage of deployment we'd be happy to be involved from the start - dimensioning, optimizing, documenting and testing your solution. You choose between us supporting your existing setup, us providing fully managed a turn key solution, or anything in between.

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