Working at Kastelo

Kastelo is physically headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, but we are a globally distributed company. Our consultants work from the field, the customer, or out of their home. Most are not in Sweden and we don't expect you to show up at the office day to day.

While there are exceptions to be made in specific cases, we prefer to hire from the European/African time zones: UTC-1 through UTC+3. We don't care about your physical location as such but we've found that it's easier to coordinate when there is a certain overlap in working hours.

Our Focus

Kastelo is a development and tech focused company. A lot of our day to day work is in networking and distributed systems. Having a background in networking (ISP, mobile, enterprise) is an advantage. We prefer working with open source technologies - Go, Dart and Swift are common languages.

We get called in to organizations, large and small, when they need a qualified expert in a given area. As such we do not, at the moment, have any entry level positions nor immediate plans to expand in that direction. Consultants at Kastelo generally have between ten and twenty years of documented excellence in their field prior to joining.

Current Positions

We allow for open application and are always happy to hear from potential candidates. If you think you would fit at Kastelo, please get in touch and we’ll talk! You can reach us without the form at