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Syncthing Graduation Day

This was originally a forum post. It’s reposted here for posterity. Today marks a milestone of sorts. It’s the first day of the new year and, as it also happens to be the first Tuesday of the month, it’s a Syncthing release day. Today is also almost Syncthing’s birthday; the first public release was “0.2” on December 30, 2013, five years and two days ago.1 Given all of this I thought this would be a good day to let Syncthing graduate and become a 1.

Syncthing 2019-01-01

Syncthing - Receive Only Folders

In Syncthing v0.14.50 we’re adding the initial implementation of “receive only” folder types. This makes the set of folder types the complete trio - send only, receive only, and the default send-plus-receive. This has been an oft requested feature for quite some time but nailing down the exact mechanics of how it was supposed to work has been a bit tricky.

Syncthing 2018-08-07

Syncthing - How Syncing Works

Previously we explored how Syncthing detects local changes and indexes information about files. Now we’re going to look closer at how Syncthing handles changes from other devices.

Syncthing 2018-06-23

Combining Arigi, ElasticSearch and Kibana

Arigi itself is a powerful configuration management solution for Syncthing, but the dashboard view is a bit basic. How can we dig down into what’s really going on in the cluster?

Arigi 2018-06-21

Syncthing - How Scanning Works

What is Syncthing doing when it says “Scanning”, and what’s the point of it?

Syncthing 2018-06-12

Introducing Arigi

We’re unveiling something cool today! It’s a management system for large Syncthing clusters, we’ve been working on it under cover for a while, and we’re calling it Arigi.

Arigi 2017-09-28

Coexisting VirtualBox and VMWare Fusion on macOS

Both VirtualBox and VMWare Fusion are neat virtualization tools. I use Fusion for most day to day work - it’s served me well for a long time and I have a significant stash of useful machines in it. But sometimes I also need to use VirtualBox, typically for working with Vagrant. The problem is that the two of them don’t get along very well…

Macos 2017-05-15

Syncthing Stable & Candidate Releases

A while back we used to release once a week. Since this summer releases are made every second Tuesday. We will now introduce the concept of “stable releases” and “release candidates”.

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