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Introducing Arigi

We’re unveiling something cool today! It’s a management system for large Syncthing clusters, we’ve been working on it under cover for a while, and we’re calling it Arigi.   arigi verb (Esperanto)     to amass · to gather · to put together What’s it for? It’s for when you have a lot of Syncthing instances and you want to treat them more as cattle than as pets. That is, you want to know how the herd is doing at a glance and give it instructions as a group instead of individually.

Arigi 2017-09-28

Coexisting VirtualBox and VMWare Fusion on macOS

Both VirtualBox and VMWare Fusion are neat virtualization tools. I use Fusion for most day to day work - it’s served me well for a long time and I have a significant stash of useful machines in it. But sometimes I also need to use VirtualBox, typically for working with Vagrant. The problem is that the two of them don’t get along very well…

Macos 2017-05-15

Connections Over UDP

We’ve now merged something pretty cool: Audrius’ work with integrating the KCP connection type into Syncthing! This gives us connections over UDP for the first time and I’d like to share what you can expect to take away from that.

Syncthing 2017-03-08

Syncthing Training

By popular demand we’re now offering two training courses on Syncthing! Both are one day modules, held on premises at the customer.

Services 2017-02-13

Stable & Candidate Releases

A while back we used to release once a week. Since this summer releases are made every second Tuesday. We will now introduce the concept of “stable releases” and “release candidates”.

Syncthing 2017-02-05

We're based in Malmö, Sweden — probably the best place to be in the Nordics.

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