Syncthing Enterprise Support

Syncthing Enterprise Support

Support Subscriptions

The Standard and Premium Enterprise Support subscriptions are sold as annual subscriptions with options that start at 1,490 EUR for 10 devices. The Standard subscription provides support suitable for all commercial Syncthing users, where longer service level agreements (SLAs) are acceptable and hot fixes for production deployments are not required. The Premium subscription is suitable whenever priority case handling is required. It includes faster response times, expedited solutions, phone support for critical production issues, and access to custom feature development.

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Standard Support

The following is included in the standard subscription level.

Open Source Syncthing

Enterprise support covers the pre-built, stable binary releases of open source Syncthing. Syncthing is supported on each of the available release architectures.

Assistance with Installation and Deployment

Our team makes sure your installation always goes as smoothly as possible. With our help, you can quickly clear up installation-related conflicts.

Debugging and Error Correction

If you experience an error, we work to reproduce it, and fix it or provide a workaround – all within the agreed SLA time. Fixes are incorporated into the next release.

Security Notifications

Security issues are rare and unlikely, but if they happen we let you know about the implications and the solution directly.

Software Updates

New Syncthing builds and accompanying documentation are provided bi-weekly. For new major releases we assist in preparing for and working through any incompatible changes.

Documentation Discrepancies

Uncertain about something in the documentation, or maybe something doesn’t seem right? If you have a question, we get you a precise answer within the agreed SLA time frame.

Email Access & Support Portal

You can get in touch directly via email or by logging a case in the support portal.

Eight-hour SLA

You will get a response to your issue within eight hours. Documentation queries will be resolved within 24 hours.

Premium Support

Premium support includes everything in the Standard package, plus the following additions.

Phone Support

For critical production issues you can call us directly for a quick, professional response.

Two-hour SLA

You will get a response to your issue within two hours. Documentation queries will be resolved within eight hours.

Bug Hotfixes

Once an error can be reproduced, we will work around the clock to provide a hotfix build with a resolution.

Custom Feature Development

Your feature requirements will be prioritized as part of normal development. For guaranteed results, dedicated feature development at reduced rates is available.

Support for Third Party Integrations

We will work with you or a third party to resolve any issues in integrations using the API.

Periodical Health Checkup

We offer twice yearly audits of your Syncthing installation to verify smooth operation, report on any bottlenecks, and identify possible improvements.

Pricing (2018-2019)

Support is priced per device tier and year, with increasing levels of discount for larger numbers of devices. Support subscriptions are valid for twelve months from date of purchase.

 Standard  Premium
Up to 10 Devices 1,490 EUR -
11 to 25 Devices 2,990 EUR -
26 to 50 Devices 4,990 EUR -
51 to 100 Devices 8,990 EUR 19,000 EUR
101 to 250 Devices 19,000 EUR 41,000 EUR

For higher tiers please use the pricing calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which versions of Syncthing are supported?

    We advise users to run the most recent version of Syncthing, as it is the most up to date and secure. We proactively notify all subscribers when updates are available. We provide technical support for the current release, and any release issued within one year of the current release.

  • How do I create a support ticket?

    To create a support ticket, please use the email addresses in your support contract to send and receive support case information. You can also use the support portal to create and follow up on support tickets. If you have a Premium support subscription, you can get support by phone for critical issues.

  • What SLA can Kastelo guarantee?

    For Premium support customers, Kastelo guarantees an SLA of two hours for the initial contact in new support queries. We will offer service credits in the event that we fail to meet this expectation.

  • How is the open source Syncthing supported?

    Kastelo supports binary builds of the open source Syncthing that are obtained from the official GitHub releases page and the Syncthing APT repository ( Purchase a Standard or Premium support subscription for each Syncthing device that requires support. Kastelo does not support binaries that you build from source yourself, or binary distributions obtained from other sources.

  • What happens when my support expires?

    After your support contract expires you are no longer eligible to obtain support from Kastelo. Access to the Kastelo support portal will be revoked. However, your ability to continue to use Syncthing is not affected in any way.

  • How many of my devices do I need to have under support?

    Each Syncthing device used as part of the deployment where support is required must be covered by the support subscription. Support may be withheld if it is discovered that a significant part of the deployment is not covered by the subscription. There may be other deployments, used for a different purpose, which are not covered by support.

  • How can I get design or consultancy help?

    If you need help with architecture, design, or configuration, we can help you translate your requirements into an optimized Syncthing deployment. Please contact us to learn more.

  • I have another question.

    Please contact us to learn more, we're here to answer any queries.

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